Gender Neutral Basketball

New Jersey introduces gender neutral basketball

Most sports are divided by an individual’s gender. For example, in basketball, we have the NBA and the WNBA, which divides the league so that men and women are separated and only compete against their own sex.

In certain cases, Americans will hear about a woman joining a male’s sports team, which usually grabs headlines. The divide is usually based on the notion that women and men have different physical capabilities. However, one group in New Jersey is breaking down these walls by creating a professional basketball league that is intermixed with both male and female players.

The league is called the MGBA, which stands for the Mixed Gender Basketball Association. Headed by James Scott and Tamia Colon, the league presents itself as an unbiased alternative for players who wish to compete against other genders in a robust game that keeps physical capabilities in check by the games rules and regulations. Created by Dr. John Howard, the current president of the MGBA, the game pits players against each other by separating the amount of men and women on the court per period.

James Scott spoke about these simple guidelines and why he believes the MGBA is a great alternative to all pre-conceived notions about basketball.

“They should have been playing a long time ago. The game starts like this. First quarter there is three men and two women, second quarter there is three women and two men, and it goes back and forth. It’s an awesome concept,” Scott explained.

The league says it had a successful trial run on February 18th at Essex County Community College.

“The game was an awesome game. We were at 80% capacity full and people were cheering for players they didn’t even know,” Scott said.

“I am one of the sponsors for the MGBA, and I wasn’t interested at all, but when I went to the game and I actually saw what I saw, it was absolutely amazing. I mean people were excited and were screaming and yelling,” potential owner and current sponsor Tamia Colon said.

The final score of the game was 95 to 93, which many consider to be a great professional basketball score.

MGBA usesthe motto, “Equal Pay for Equal Play” which solidifies the entire premise of what the league is trying to accomplish.

So what’s in store for the future of this league?

“When I saw what was going on, I said I wanted a piece of this. It’s like being at the beginning of Microsoft. This is going to be huge and I’m excited about it,” Colon said.

So far the league has 350 players, with its number continuing to increase.

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9 Responses to Gender Neutral Basketball

  1. Thylacine says:

    Even chess is divided by gender – there are “open” tournaments that anyone can play in, and “women” events open only to female players. Why is that necessary? Pieces are not heavy.

    • MGTOW-man says:

      Easy answer.

      The brains of men and women are not only NOT interchangeable, but they are not alike in terms of average spatial skills. I will not cite this since it is not only obvious but references are at your fingertips: it is common knowledge by now even if one hasn’t been paying much attention to the real truths coming out of sex-specific research.

      Sex-specific research is not anti-feminist, it just happens to be pro-truth regardless of what might mean for special interest groups, in which feminists hate.

      The world’s chess champions are men. Males, by virtue of nature/evolution, developed alternative survival/living skills when compared to women, the primary nurturers. This manifested in the best overall survival chances for our species when it was functioning properly…men and women living complimentary.

      The strategy and thinking that must take place in chess in ways that would blow the minds of average non-players, is possible coming from the minds of women, of course. But the chances of it are minimized and even when there, it is not very likely that the best men in chess will succumb, although an occasional bad day does happen to even the best.

      We could of course, like everything else the feminists are tampering with, rewrite the rules somehow making it easier for women to “win” (said sarcastically because in reality and in the spirit of true competition, winners do not and CANNOT be helped).

      Is this next, rules for chess somehow dissolved and reformed making it easier for women to compete? Such would basically erase the entire premise behind the game…but then again, feminists do not grasp a whole lot of other concepts either. ..and when they do, they are still too selfish.

      And, will men cave in on this TOO?

      • Doug Spoonwood says:

        You might have a point about spatial skills, but competitive chess requires more than that (including plenty of study).

        Judit Polgar is a well-known grandmaster and has won against plenty of men on those men’s good days. She’s said this about female chess players “I always say that women should have the self-confidence that they are as good as male players, but only if they are willing to work and take it seriously as much as male players.”

        The easiest way to determine whether women can compete in tournaments with male players is to have them compete against male players on a regular basis. There simply doesn’t exist a reason to have separate tournaments for men and women. Pieces are not that heavy.

      • MGTOW-man says:

        The best reason, among others, to have separate tournaments for men and women in chess (and any sport or competition) is well, because men might want to compete against men only in those tournaments.

        If women wanted to compete against women only, they would get to do so without being shamed, punished, or made to integrate. Men should not have to take cues or rules from women about how to play their own games and competitive endeavors. Some men simply do not enjoy competing with women. …and there is not a single thing wrong with that.

        Men are humans too and should have all the rights of human beings just like we have for women. If they, as human males find value in competing with only like-competitors, they, like any human that gets to make choices, should get to. And no explanation is needed.

        Men do not owe women a change-up of nearly everything just because they do not owe it, but also because they are not responsible for what nature did when it made the sexes different.

        The idea here is to not tell men how to play their games. Women do not get told how to do so many things in THEIR daily lives, so why should men have to be OK with caving in here, TOO?

        The whims and wills of women, coupled with how they feel, do not trump male rights, issues, and choices. Women can’t and shouldn’t have their way on every last thing. We do not HAVE to see everything their way.

  2. MGTOW-man says:

    It seems as if the feminists will do all they can to erase the truth…the truth that they hate so much and blame on men. They want us to see players, not men, or women. These misfits are so hellbent on changing all that we know to revolve around their utopian idealistic wishlists that they will stoop to rewriting rules for how men are to play their own games. Of course, if we make it easier for women to engage men by making sure men can’t be as powerful physically, such an alternative “plan” (wink wink)…I mean, “game”, will work superficially. The thing is they will not stop here. Just wait for the pressure (bullying) put on professional entities in all of our athletic institutions to help get all sports changed to this synthetic replacement plan. But also watch for there to remain the possibility of all-female games, but NO all-male ones. The misfits are convinced that this will equalize things. The truth is that lies and omissions can do a fair job at covering up, but they will NEVER change the truth.

    It also remains to be seen if men will cave in on this one TOO. Is there anything that misfit women won’t make up as a pity-state for women that duped men won’t snatch up and use to compete for women?

    Change men, change the world.

    The truth is not hatred.

  3. Randy says:

    A quota system is not gender neutral — it’s the OPPOSITE of gender neutral. Gender is still being considered at every moment of the game (just as in men’s and women’s college and professional basketball now). It’s the “civil unions” of basketball, appearing to be equal, but not actually being so.

    Time on the court should be determined by ability, and the legitimate needs of the team, not on sex chromosomes or genitalia.

    I have no problem if someone wants to invent a sport that top-level men and top-level women are equally capable of playing together regardless of gender mix, but it’s probably not going to be any form of basketball.

    I don’t really know anything about basketball except that it looks fun. So maybe someone else can do an experiment here. In last night’s NCAA final, pick three male players on the Wildcats team, and provide the names of three female players (from anywhere) you’d have replaced them with, to improve their chances of winning. Next, for the Huskies, pick female replacements for three male players, and show how they would still have won against the all-male Wildcats team. If they exist, that’s great. They should be in the “men’s” league. But I don’t think they exist, or they’d have already fought to be on these teams, and won (in both legal and sporting senses).

    Last, I don’t see how MGBA addresses the intersex, trans, queer population at all. There are places in the world where gender is becoming, if not irrelevant, then at least optional. There’s no place for such a person in a quota system. These folks tend to be young, and people who play sport are young, exactly the population who is going to rebel against these limiting rules.

    I would like to know more about how MGBA “keeps physical capabilities in check by the games rules and regulations”. How can the reporter learn this, but fail to tell us what those rules and regulations are, beyond the quota?

    • MGTOW-man says:

      They are scheming, for sure. It is no accident they withheld important information. I highly doubt it will be presented…at least by them anyway. It will take observers and investigators to reveal to the interested public about the new rules for such a wonderful game.

  4. Grendelssohn says:

    To echo Randy, this is not “gender neutral”. It’s mixed. Like mixed doubles in tennis. It doesn’t neutralize gender; The entire game is based on, driven and controlled by gender. Which is fine, if want you want is a “mixed” game. But if it were truly “gender neutral”–that is, open to men and women without any consideration for gender, allowing an honestly open field for everyone, without constraint, to compete according to their individual abilities–it would defacto become a men’s basketball league, with a very few female exceptions. The fact that the male/female ratio is very carefully and intentionally balanced makes this clear.

    It sounds like a neat idea–to let men and women participate together in the same game. Sounds like fun. But to call it “gender neutral”–when it is actually gender driven–is clearly a self delusion.

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