The Chris Mackney Story

Chris MackneyThis August our 11-year-old son will begin the sixth grade at Chaminade Preparatory School in St. Louis, MO. It is an all boys Catholic school. Chris Mackney, to your left, graduated from Chaminade in 1986—the same year I graduated from an all girls Catholic school a mile away.

So it hit close to home when I read about Chris’s horrible, horrible story. Chris died tragically this past December in Washington D.C. Here is his death notice in The Washington Post.

What the Post couldn’t print was that Chris committed suicide after being alienated from his children and subjected to years of psychological and financial abuse by the biased, anti-father family court system, his ex-wife and her lawyer. Here is his tragic last testament, which one can only conclude was for the purpose of his not dying in vain. 

The question for those of us still alive is: What are we going to do about it?

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28 Responses to The Chris Mackney Story

  1. “The question for those of us still alive is: What are we going to do about it?”

    Well the fact is that women are not going to do ANYTHING about this case. Indeed, few men will as well.

    When you women want to actually DO SOMETHING other than talk? Call me.

    Until then? I recommend you stop with the bullshit question of “what are we going to do about it” because clearly you are bullshitting and you have no intention of doing anything useful at all. Ok?


    I created the remedy. Men will not listen. They prefer to die than listen. That’s pretty pathetic if you ask me.

    If Chris Mackney knew about me? If he was my client? He would still be alive. And no one actually cares about the fact that his life would have been saved if he was my client. All the fake “I am so sorry” bullshit is what is coming out now. I find it quite disgusting and repulsive and I am prepared to say so in my own name in the public.

    • There are various ways to ‘do something’—some small, some big. But change takes time. And you’re right: men are very hesitant to speak up for themselves, for a whole host of reasons. People are working to change that, but it’s an uphill battle.

      • Raynall says:

        I have been doing what I can to help. By sharing this story and the link to the suicide letter on various internet forums. There are some news sites with high readership in Singapore (where I live), and I will forward this story to them as well.

        It seems to me that what we need is for the mainstream media to pick up this story. Or at least some third-party neutral news site. Right now, some of the forums and blogs sharing this story are using inflammatory language (like “man-hating bitch”) and phrases like “Masonic-controlled family court”. They are not doing the departed Chris Mackney any favors. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why the mainstream reporters are shying away from this story.

      • Agreed. We are working on that!

      • Sam says:

        This was a very sad story and I agree there are various ways to help. Just having a forum where we can discuss them is a step in the right direction. The more conversations, the more the problem is brought to light. I know it’s frustrating when people lay down and die instead of asking for help, but depression can do that sometimes.

  2. I know what I’m going to do ‘about’ this case. Never get married, never have children, never put myself in that situation. Also tell others to do the same.

    • And consequently deny yourself what ought to be some of the finest experiences you might ever have. It’s not a great solution. I don’t have another one, though, given the culture.

      • greyghost says:

        Wrong reply. Tat is already denied and besides that he knows that fantasy is gone for men today. Todays men have a duty to restore politeness for their sons and grandsons. Selfishly seeking pleasure that doesn’t exist in a family is just playing an enabling fool for the beast

      • “Todays men have a duty to restore politeness for their sons and grandsons.”

        Really? Why?

        And what is the duty of todays women? They currently support women committing crimes against men to the tune of 99.9%+ in the west. Why do we never hear about what the duty of women is?

  3. Well, dead men do not pay alimony or child support. And insurance companies do not pay out policies on suicides. So the ex-wife will get nothing now and neither will her lawyers. I’m actually surprised that more men do not choose that route when confronted with the torture and abuse that is family court. However, suicide is the one unforgiveable sin, because you cannot give confession and ask for forgiveness after the fact. Therefore, I cannot condone it.

    This is a sad story, but it’s not tragic. In a tragedy, the main character falls from high place to low due to some inherent flaw. I read this man’s last testament, which is not a confession but rather an explanation. From what I read, this man did not have an inherent flaw. He was driven to take his own life because of an abusive and exploitative ex-wife, her lawyers and the judges in the family court system. I doubt it was their intention to drive him to suicide, but that was the result.

    And what is to be done about it? Nothing really. Other than make changes to the marriage contract and divorce law, there is no solution. You’re certainly not going to get that from divorce lawyers; it’s their bread and butter.

    The real story here is that the family court system is so corrupt and abusive to ex-husbands that it drove a man to take his own life.

    • “I doubt it was their intention to drive him to suicide, but that was the result.”

      Then you have not been on the receiving end. I have been on the receiving end. The intention is absolutely to drive the man to destruction. Period.

      “Well, dead men do not pay alimony or child support. ”

      Alimony and child support are voluntary. I proved this in 2007. I chose to not volunteer properly and there has never been any sort of action against me for doing so.

      That men pay alimony and child support today is solely because they are:
      1. Volunteering
      2. Too stupid to find out that they are volunteering.

      • JoMRA says:

        Seriously Peter no, men are regularly imprisoned for being unable to pay. The newspapers love to do stories on all the deadbeat dads they have caught, leaving out the part about the ones who are homeless.

      • This notion that court-ordered alimony and child support are voluntary seems akin to the notion that income taxes are voluntary. A lot of people are in jail for following such notions.

    • Chris says:

      Er, no. The only unforgiveable sin is blasphemy of the Holy Ghost.

      God granted me the rare privelege of being one of the seemingly very few men who thinks with the bigger of his two heads. Until more men really stop and think about what they’re getting themselves into as it pertains to the sham that is Western marriage, things like this will continue to happen.

      I pray for he and his kids.

      • Anonymous age 72 says:

        >>God granted me the rare privelege of being one of the seemingly very few men who thinks with the bigger of his two heads.

        You are not as rare as you imagine. Marriage rates are down around 50% overall in the USA.

  4. Gilligan says:

    Well, there is always this approach:

  5. greyghost says:

    A “good” man will always feed a woman that is vindictive. He was living up a lie Kenington fully believes in. The proper way to view women is as a uterus to grow a child in and nothing more. When the “good” men (a large enough segment of the 80%) understand this and live by it something is being done.

  6. Anonymous age 72 says:

    >>Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why the mainstream reporters are shying away from this story.

    No, Since 1965, MSM has had the political agenda that men are evil and women are sainted victims. They have never paid any attention to any other paradigm, and are not going to pay any attention to any other paradigm. Look at what they tried to do to Paul Elam.

    The only solution is simply not getting married, at least not in the USA. And, expatting is your best choice. Starve the dragon.

    • Anonymous age 72 says:

      At the same time, I do not want anyone to think there are any true paradise countries. Not even Mexico, though it feels like paradise to me, heh, heh. Women tend to be the same everywhere. The difference is, with a different legal system, the evil fiends are simply not given the power to destroy men with government and church help.

      And, lacking of high levels of government welfare, women spend more time worrying about keeping the husband working, and happy, than trying to boot him out for another man. Women simply aren’t as stupid as feminists tell you, and well know what they must do to get by.

      But, bad things can still happen. I am thinking of the son of my wife’s first cousin. He had a girl friend here, and worked several years in the US to have a marital nest egg. He sent her money from time to time, and they planned to be married.

      He finally came home to stay. And, learned while he was sending her money, she was with some other guy. He did not take it well. He says openly there is no way he ever plans to marry anyone.

      I don’t think he is talking about celibacy, though…

      He works in remodeling in Illinois and makes around $20 an hour. He is good at what he does. He sends money to his dad to build him a large house, probably as large as mine, heh, heh, in a very scenic location.

      When he returns, he will be the center of attention for the entire community. Too bad, a fiend drove him out of the market.

      His dad told me that most women who are engaged to workers (i.e. illegals) sending pre-marital support do indeed wait faithfully for their return. A totally alien concept for the US.

  7. tedh754 says:

    In 1987, when I was 32, my wife left me and moved home to her native Germany with my then-4 year old daughter. After that I got a vasectomy, and never remarried. When asked why over the years, I said that I swore no one would ever do that to me again and there was only one way to guarantee that it didn’t. The hell with marriage.

  8. Caleb Jones says:

    Me? Similar situation. But I, as the InstaWife puts it, went Galt. I effing left the country and all its contemptible sins and ills and have never looked back. May it and its blood sucking maggot lawyers burn in hell.

    • Anonymous age 72 says:

      If you can adapt to the culture, and can make a living, almost any country is better than the Anglosphere. I have been in Mexico for quite a while now.

  9. Chris Mackney says:

    Why aren’t you people making this viral? Why aren’t you sharing it all over the internet?

    Do not let this story die. This is the golden opportunity, a true story which PROVES how corrupt the divorce system is in America.

    • Anonymous age 72 says:

      I see this story all over the manosphere. The real problem for men is men have no credibility, what with being evil males.

      We have had other opportunities, such as the Thomas Ball story. it did go viral, but in the end misandry ruled, not truth. Did you hear of Thomas Ball?

      By the way, unless your real name is Chris Mackney it is probably unethical to use that name. Just saying.

  10. “You are not as rare as you imagine. Marriage rates are down around 50% overall in the USA.”

    But I suspect that has more to do with the increasing popularity of co-habitation. I’m up in the air in that regard; on one hand, I believe that couples shouldn’t “do anything” outside of marriage, but I’m glad that the men in that situation won’t be sucked dry by vampires like his ex-wife and her lawyers.

    As Saint Paul once said, “I wish all men could be [as celibate as] me.”

    • Anonymous age 72 says:

      Yes, people have suggested that the reduction in marriage is simply marriage being supplanted by cohab. However, I do not encounter statistical support for that claim. Only suspicsions and conjectures. And, of course, the usual false studies that were never made, or were deliberately set up to produce desired results.

      Many people are aware that men are backing away from their traditional slavery behavior, while getting nothing in exchange. A lot of people are frightened at the thought of men not carrying the burden of society as they always have. Which is why the Internet manosphere is under such a hostile attack, among other things.

      I have seen many examples of those who try to discredit any male resistance at all. No use resisting, dudes. You can’t win, and almost no one agrees with you. Back in harness!

      Proboards, with millions of free boards, for example, virtually totally elminated free speech by MRA’s on men’s issues, but still allows women only boards, even those advocating that 90% of all men be killed to make the world a better place.

      Women come on male blogs and boards, and pretend to be men, so as to discredit men who explain why they are done with marriage and in many cases even dating women. I am a man, and I do not agree. Etc.

      I am saying, you may be right, but I in my turn suspect there is a real marriage/traditional male role strike.

      Not only are women complaining they can’t get anyone to marry them, but also in too many cases, they can’t even find anyone to date them. And, that was going on back in the 90’s.

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  12. JUSTICE was entrusted to the Judicial Branch which has failed to acknowledge and accept that the judiciary has been undermined by state supreme court actions which has affected every court in the country and caused the current Constitutional Crisis.

    I understand the Chris Mackney story. I live the experience myself since 2007, over 20 judges, every level of state and federal court. Incapable of suicide, I have been forced to seek the root cause of the injustice and denial of civil, human and constitutional rights.

    I FOUND THE PROBLEM. and the resolution. The link will have updated information.

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